We create our original menus by modifying and still taking advantage of traditional Japanese foods. We are always pursuing new tastes.

We are purchasing ingredients according to each season in Japan. Therefore, in Katana, you can enjoy fish that is in season in Japan.
Currently we have many kinds of ingredients from Nagasaki and Hokkaido, which are best suited for boiled or grilled foods.

“Monthly recommendation” is initiated and developed during one month period by each kitchen staff.
We also have daily menus that use ingredients we purchased on each day. This is why even our regular customers do not get bored.

We also have private rooms, in which you can enjoy your time in a separated space. Some of the private rooms are equipped with glass windows, through which you can enjoy external view.
In Hori-gotatsu (a small table with an underground space) rooms, you can relax without wearing your shoes. We can deal with banquet of up to twenty.



He started learning Japanese food cooking in “Tachibana”, which is a Japanese restaurant in Ikaho Onsen, Gunma province run by his uncle . At age 17 moved to Australia and had a training in “Sakura” and “Zai” located in Sheraton Mirage hotel before returning to Japan at age 22.
Experienced working as a store manager, area manager and general manager in sales before being promoted to be a head of sales division at age 31.
He is well known for his talent as shown in the past achievements such as his contribution to setting up various popular restaurants such as “Sumibiyakidon Butaro”, “Healthy Dining Mamemame”, “Tonkatsu Kitchen Takumi”. Recently he has been working on PONT NAGOYA (party dining) and M&H PLATA.

Kiyoshi Naruse   <CHEF & MANAGER>


From age 18, he learned the basics of traditional Japanese foods and original foods for three years at “Healthy Dining Mamemame” set up by Tetsuya Fukuda. At university, he studied business in general.
He was aggressive in improving not only cooking but also hospitality. As a result his polite service and his ability to deal with customer’s needs are highly appreciated in the company. As a result he was promoted to be a head quarter staff.
Later, we mastered Teppan (Japanese style BBQ) cooking in “Wainshokubou Shingetsu” and participated as a member in setting up Katana in 2012.
He is the right hand arm of Tetsuya Fukuda and in charge of purchase, food preparation and management. He is backseat player that support KATANA with his rare talent.

OLE Orasa Kaewkranjang <CHEF & MANAGER>


He has been working in Japanese food field for 20 years.
Foods prepared by him are guaranteed by the head chef as well. He knows everything about the taste buds of Japanese people.
He is well trusted by his subordinates. His network in Japanese cooking is the strongest in Bangkok.
His idea is not restricted by the traditional concept of Japanese foods. Although he never forget the basics, he always surprise regular customers with his unique ideas.
He is one of a set up member of KATANA.

WAT Panuwat Puangsr <KITCHEN LEADER>


He has been working in Japanese food field for 12 years.
He mastered the taste of Japanese food through working in traditional Japanese restaurant or Izakaya (Japanese style pub restaurant).
His thoughtful consideration is never inferior to Japanese. Kitchen is kept clean and beautiful because of him.
He is well trusted by his subordinates because of gentle character.